The Modelhaus Website is closed.

  • The web site is closed and we will not be accepting more orders, not even orders in the regular mail.
  • We have calculated the value of the orders that have already been placed (as of July 5, 2016) and we estimate it will take us 18-24 + months to produce and ship them. This means we will be working passed our planned retirement date of May 2017. Please be VERY PATIENT in getting your order. If waiting this long is unacceptable to any of you, please feel free to cancel your order with no hard feelings.
  • Requests to add "just one more item, or two or ten or one more kit" will have to be denied. Please don't make us Grinches, just don't make the request.
  • You can ask for a part or kit to be deleted from an individual order if that kit or part is no longer needed.
  • The orders we have are dated and numbered and will be worked on from earliest received until the last one received. For the most part, orders will be shipped in the order they came. VERY small orders for one or two parts will be shipped more expeditiously, but not immediately. At this pint we don't even have time to look through the piles of orders to find those tiny ones.
  •, the company that handles our credit transactions, retains the credit card information you uploaded when you placed your order via the web site for only 90 days. Since it will be much longer than 90 days for most orders to be shipped, I will have to access your information every 85 days or so and bill another $1.00. That will allow the information to be saved for another 90 days. Many orders will have many additional $1.00 billings. These will all be deducted from the final bill. In the past I have been sending individual e-mails every time I've had to do this. I will not be doing that any more. VERY IMPORTANT!!! If your credit card expires or is replaced before your order is billed, please contact us (217-864-4402 or with the new information. I cannot edit or change the information you uploaded, so I will need the complete number.
  • We are blessed to have been able to serve you , our customers, for so many years. We never envisioned this business becoming what it is. We also did not envision the onslaught of orders we have received as we try to close down. We had wanted to gently fade into the sunset. HA!


Address : THE MODELHAUS 5480 Traughber Road Decatur, IL 62521-8800
Phone : 217-864-4402 | Email :