The Modelhaus Website will re-open on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 8:00AM EST

Our past orders are all shipped and we have inventoried all our remaining stock. We have uploaded the remaining inventory, both kits and parts, onto the web site and it will open again the morning of Aug. 25 (this Saturday). We envision it will remain open for a week to ten days. We are giving you some advance notice so you can take the time to assess your needs. Please know that the inventory is limited. Only those items that are still available will be listed and only in the quantity we have. The web site will be able to track the sale of items and when the inventory for a particular part reaches zero, you will be unable to add that item to your shopping cart even though the part is still listed on the site. It is possible that you can add a part to your cart but it will not show up in your cart at the time of the sale. The inventory is adjusted for sale only when an order is actually placed. If you and another customer both add the last of a particular part to your cart, but the other customer checks out first, he will get the item.

Sales will only be accepted from the web site. No orders will be taken by phone or by regular mail. The only way to track the inventory is by the web site. This may anger some of our customers who prefer to order via the regular mail. We are sorry, but at this point, we have to do what is manageable and the web orders are the only way to manage the inventory.

Though we are retiring the business as you have known it, we are not completely stopping. Don's favorite part of the business has always been developing new kits. In the past three years he has not been able to develop anything new as we dealt with the onslaught of orders generated by our announced retirement. He had several ideas for new kits that he still wants to pursue. We are not 100% sure how this will play out. He hopes to develop one to two kits a year for a while. We will figure a way to get the word out when a kit is available.

The tires we have offered will be available again soon. Our son Chris has worked for us for many years. Several years ago he moved the tire making to his home and we have purchased tires from him. All the particulars have not been worked out. The web site will be We will most likely send another mass e-mail when he is ready to be up and running.

It has been a pleasure to serve the modeling community for 30 plus years. We will not miss the work, but will miss the connections we have made with so many great modelers over the years. Thank you for all your orders which have made this such a successful business. We wish you all the best!

Don and Carol Holthaus


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